Hands & Feet

Mud Hand Treatment:
This is a great treatment for people who work with their hands. Warmed moor mud will be applied to hands, wrapped in plastic, followed by a hand and arm massage.

Mud Foot Treatment:
Starting off this treatment is a foot soak, followed by a foot and half leg exfoliation. “Moor”  is applied to the foot and half leg and wrapped in warm towels. To finish off this treatment is a relaxing foot and half leg massage. 

Spa Reflexology: 
Working with the zones and pressure points on your feet that correspond to all body parts, glands and organs to promote total relaxation and help to relieve tension, stress and exhaustion. 
 $45.00  Add an extra $5.00 for aromatherapy

Ion Cleanse:
A foot bath detox, pulling out heavy metals, toxins from organs, joints, medications, nicotine, yeast and lymphatic system. An overall sense of wellness. 

Faces and Eyes

Eminence Facial: 
This exciting facial will help to balance out your problem skin (eg. Acne, Psoriasis , Aging). We will gladly personalize your facial so that you can feel the results. 100% natural, #1 in organic skin care.

Body, Mind and Soul

Is a state of deep relaxation, heightened awareness and concentrated attention. It is a process of uncovering creative and life-enhancing resources from the unconscious. Beneficial for weight loss, pain, performance, self esteem, anxiety and abuse issues etc. (60 minutes) 

Psych K: 
Change your subconscious beliefs, great for all areas of our life. Self esteem, relationships, health, career, spirituality, studies and goal setting.

Other Workshops Available:

  • Usui Reiki
  • Karuna Reiki
  • Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART)
  • Reiki Kids
  • Divine Compassion
  • Day Spa Training
  • Retreats
  • Inner Development
  • Learn to Massage your Partner
  • Adult’s Meditation
  • Energy Effects – Law of Attraction
  • Heal your life (Louise Hay Philosophies 
  • Teen Empowerment
  •  Stress Management
  • Corporate and Business

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Before Your Treatment: Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment is to begin, this will allow you time to fill out our form and time to unwind. Arriving late will deprive you of special minutes from your spa treatment. Reservations and Cancellations. We recommend that you book your spa appointment in advance. In the event that you must cancel your appointment we require 24 hour notice. Cancellations with less than 24 hours or no shows will be charged in full.

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Body, Mind & Soul

Esalen Massage: 
A wonderful relaxing massage using long smooth strokes moving the energy through the body creating a sense of peace, calm and balance. (60 minutes)

Hot Rock Massage: 
Provides a deep warm, nurturing massage that is applied with round warm river rocks. The warmth of the stones combined with massage strokes feel wonderful. The weight of the stones adds a sense of feeling grounded, connected, inner peace and bliss. (90 minutes) 

Raindrop Therapy: 
Combines soothing massage withessential oils. This wonderful therapy reduces stress,improves circulation, is beneficial for scoliosis, back pain and mobility. This is an ideal way to soothe the body, mind and spirit.

Combines gentle yet deep finger pressurem on accu points to help release physical and emotional tension. Highly effective for the relief of tension, fatigue, stress headaches, sinus, back & shoulder pain.

A Reiki treatment is intended to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Wherever the body is experiencing any discomfort, Reiki will help the energy to flow. Reiki is a very noninvasive treatment where the clothes are left on and the touch is gentle. It is wonderfully relaxing while being stimulating at the same time. (60 minutes) 

Distance Reiki:
4 sessions for $200 plus tax.               

Karuna Reiki: 
Similar to Reiki but more intense. (60 minutes) 

Like Reiki the clothes are left on as the practitioner works along the client’s back. Most times there is a huge emotional release or awareness. This is a treatment that allows the client to visualize, confront and forgive. (60 minutes)
Follow up $40

To eliminate TMJ pain. Empirical testing shows that relaxing the jaw muscles also relaxes over 90% of the muscles in the body. As the muscles relax, stress and toxins are released, restoring natural harmony to the body. 

Pain Relief Therapy: 
Neck, shoulder, back, elbow and sciatica pain. This is the treatment for you! Combines infrared dome, acupressure, Chinese cupping, essential oils, energy work & massage. 

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