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Teen Self-emPOWERment is intended solely for teens, it creates a safe and comfortable environment for teens to open up and contribute life experiences & concerns. lt is highly recommended for caregivers and supporting staff to also learn these new philosophies by participating in the adult version of this program. This encourages continuity and further integrates what has been learned. Caregiver's consent required for teens under age 18. 

Teens will learn how to :

  • LIKE who they are and begin to discover they are deserving & valuable
  • View themselves as valuable, worthy & POWERful
  • Recognize negative emotions & unwanted behaviors and learn tools to manage them
  • Identify core beliefs and release negative beliefs
  • Build better relationships
  • Make better choices
  • Find inner wisdom & power
  • EmPOWER themselves while transforming their lives by working with the body, mind and spirit connection
  • Create harmony & balance in their lives, including better health and greater prosperity
  • Develop a new vision of their futures & create supporting beliefs

Results: Fewer disruptions improved resiliency, better collaboration between the teens, their families & any supporting professionals and happier teens. 

Heal Your Life Teen 
Self-emPOWERment Instructor: Trish Bowie

Phone: (403) 3046090

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Louise L. Hay

Meditation Classes 
Full moon meditation 
$20 Senior Centre.  
November 13 Th
Eastern Reiki Retreat

​Divine Compassion Level 1
 To be Announced

Divine Compassion Level 2
To be Announced
Usui Reiki 
Level 1 and 2​ $350 plus tax

Usui Level 3

Usui Masters

​call for dates
​(If level 3 and masters are taken together there is a $25 discount)

Reiki (Pronounced Ray Key)

    Reiki is an ancient healing art thought to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago. Reiki was then rediscovered in the late 1800's by Dr. Mikao Usui. The Usui System of Healing as taught from the Western Canada Reiki Training Center honours Dr Usui’s teaching. Recent scientific studies have verified that life force energy exists. This energy affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. More medical doctors are now considering the role it plays in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process. Some hospitals are now using Reiki pre and post operative because of its healing properties and because it is non invasive.

What is Reiki?

    Reiki is a spiritually guided life energy. We are alive because of life energy flowing through us. If it is flowing freely it keeps us in good health. As long as something is alive (eg: humans, animals, plants) it has a life energy running through it. If the energy is low or if it is restricted there is a higher chance of illness or disease to take hold. Because Reiki is a pure guided life energy it will never harm. The intention is to send pure love and light.

What do you feel when you receive Reiki?

    In most cases Reiki feels warm as it flows through you and around you; you may also feel cold. Reiki gives a sense of peace and calm. Often people feel very relaxed and relieved from physical and/or emotional pain.

What is a Reiki treatment?

    When receiving a Reiki treatment the client is fully clothed. They may be sitting in a chair or on a therapy table. Sessions can last for approximately one hour. The client receiving Reiki will naturally draw the amount of energy that that they will need and it will go where it is needed adjusting to the clients needs. The Reiki practitioner gently places their hands on different areas of the clients body from head to toe. Reiki is very non invasive and leaves the client feeling secure. Once you have been attuned to Reiki you can balance yourself, others, animals and plants. 

When should I seek a Reiki treatment?

When your energy is low or you feel unbalanced; if you have an acute condition or trauma. Reiki is also very effective for those in palliative care as well. 

Is it hard to learn to do Reiki on others?

    No, Reiki is a very simple healing art form. It is great for people of all ages and very simple to learn. You do need a master to open your channel through an attunement process so that you can transfer pure energy to your client

What is Karuna Reiki?

    Karuna means compassionate care. Karuna must be accompanied with wisdom to have the right effect. It is very enlightening. The energy is a lot more specific. For the client it is a wonderful feeling. For the Master energy is enhanced greatly. It is a more intense energy and definitely more spiritual.

What is Shambella Reiki?

    In my experience this has been the most powerful of all energy. As a master I have been attuned to 332 symbols. Like Reiki the clothes are left on as the practitioner works along the clients back. Most times there is a huge emotional release or awareness. This is a treatment that allows the client to visualize, confront, and forgive. It is great for people who are feeling very stuck in their lives!

​Heal Your Life Workshop
Are you stressed, angry, frustrated , overwhelmed, sad, burdened with illness or in a weak relationship?


​Working with Louise L. Hay ‘s Heal Your Life philosophies changed my life! I was amazed at how much pain I was creating in my life. I first read her book “You Can Heal Your Life” in 1996 and I could not believe how my physical illness had an attachment to what was going on in my life. When I used positive affirmations I was able to make CHANGE!
~ Trish Bowie

The class was awesome! It will turn your life around. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you. 

The program was an effective, gentle approach to healing. The process was effective, energetic and emotionally fulfilling. It allowed me to grow deeper in my spiritual journey. Thanks for being such a wonderful, loving teacher. Great work and many blessings. Your gentleness is much appreciated by me as an Aboriginal woman! Lots of love to you !! 

Thank you for your constant encouragement and positive uplifting spirit.
 ~ Jodi

I learned to love myself better. Where as I was going through the motions before. Letting go of anger, guilt and fear have helped make me lighter in spirit. Thanks so much for giving me this freedom. 
~ Anonymous

 Full, Full Filling, Opening, Freeing, Embracing, Worthy of recommending. A good progression of learning and interactive activities.
~ Bert

Heal Your Life Instructor
Trish Bowie

Phone: (403) 304-6090


How would your life be better if you……….?
Let go of limiting beliefs.
Allow Forgiveness.
Rid yourself of anger, fear and guilt.
Engage your inner wisdom.
Embrace your deservability.

You will be given the tools to let go of what no longer serves you so that you can live your Best Life Now!

Two day transformational workshops can be done in small intimate or large group settings. Topics include:

  • Affirmations
  • Self Love
  • Relationships
  • Work/Career
  • Life Purpose
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Stress/Overwhelm
  • Visioning/Manifesting your dreams

Louis Hay
Oct 8, 1926 - Aug 30, 2017
Teen Self-emPOWERment