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Tucked away in the County of Ponoka, The Complete Wellness Centre is the escape you are looking for . This unique spot offers you Spa Services as well as Wellness Training, Personal development, and Reiki retreats. There are workshops for Adults ,Teens, and Children.

The Complete Wellness Centre began in 1996 and had a store front in downtown Ponoka from 2000 – 2012. Wanting to focus more on teaching Personal Development owner Trish Bowie took her business to a peaceful and private setting in the country.

I am so grateful to be able to offer a by Appt. only service. The new location is a dream come true! It is the perfect setting for my clients and students offering Spa Services, Reiki Training for Adults and Children. Meditation, Spa Training, as well as Personal Development Workshops: Heal your Life, Teen Empowerment, Divine Compassion, Energy Effects, Money Consciousness ,and Experience Your Good Now and many more!

Dedicated to providing services that truly benefit a person's body, mind and spirit, Complete Wellness Centre & Day Spa offers Holistic therapy courses, Heal Your Life courses and some of the best Reiki Training in Alberta. Teaching both western and Eastern Reiki. You are at your best when body, mind and spirit are in perfect harmony. Achieving that perfect balance is something everyone could aim for in order to live their lives to the fullest and be the best that they can be. 

Here at The Complete Wellness Centre & Day Spa, we provide a selection of high quality services, each designed to provide you with a whole body experience that aligns, strengthens and heals the body, mind and spirit. Come in for a day of relaxing and self pampering with our outstanding spa services or learn how to naturally strengthen your immune system and help speed up your body's healing process through our top-notch Reiki Training conducted by non other than Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Shamballa Master and Divine Compassion Master, Trish Bowie. 

Our goal here at Complete Wellness Centre & Day Spa is not just to give our clients a regular day at the spa, but a whole body experience that could help you lead the rest of your life in the right direction. We have a list of the workshops you and everyone else in the family can benefit from. Some of the trainings Trish conducts are: 

She also provides personalized spa solutions and holistic therapy services you're sure to love. 

Come in for a day of self-pampering or surprise your special someone with a day of relaxation, comfort and healing that's well deserved. Call us for reservations or any questions you may have about our exceptional lineup of quality services and we'll be more than happy to assist you with them as soon as possible
Reiki Training
Reiki is an ancient healing art thought to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago
Reiki was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Dr Mikao Usui. 
Heal Your Life Workshops
Are you stressed, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, sad, burdened with illness or in a weak relationship?
Holistic Therapy Courses
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We Offer Spa Solutions, Spa Purge, Books, Angel Cards, Bath Salts and Misters
A variety of courses and workshops to choose from